Monday, January 24, 2011

snow day with friends!

When we woke up the next morning after the snowstorm, we found a winter wonderland outside.  It was so beautiful!  Please note the middle picture.  That is a palm tree, which is obviously not made for snow! Ha!
If we know anything about snow here in the Antelope Valley, we know that once the morning comes the snow does not stay long.  We wanted to enjoy it as much as possible so a few of my friends (and their kids!) met up with myself & the boys at our church to play.  They have a huge park with a big, grassy field that we knew would be perfect to play in.  We had the BEST time.  

Our friends had brought some of their sleds and one of the youth interns, Hilary, ran around pulling the kids on it.  I love this picture, can you see that Sean & his best friend Caden happened to take a spill just as I took it?
My good friend Sarah and her sweet, bundled daughter Grace
Nolan made us laugh so much... he just wanted to wander around everywhere.  We'd look up and he'd be 100 feet away just walking around.  I guess he wanted to check everything out.  It was so funny.
Sean had to make a snow angel... he makes "snow angels" in everything- the sand, the carpet, his bed, etc so it was SO fun for him to make a REAL snow angel!
Nolan loved trying to make snowballs and throw them.  And as a total turn around from the day before, he kept his gloves on the whole time (and was much more happy... or happier for a longer period of time. ha!)
Our friend Karen brought her grandson to play too.  She helped the kids make a snowman.  Well, as you can see Nolan is obviously the one helping her ;)
All the big boys wanted to make a HUGE snowball, and had a blast rolling it together all over the park.  It got so big they could hardly push it- it was heavy!
Sean trying to push it by himself :)  It is almost as big as he is!
Sean & Caden thinking they could maybe move it together
Nolan and his buddy Gavin taking a ride on the sled

 We got a picture of all the kids together with their snowman.  Such special, fun memories!!
Back: Sean, Hunter, Vincent, Abbie, Aaden
Front: Grace, Caden, Nolan, Gavin
And of course, the day was not complete without a meltdown from Nolan, snot and all! ;)
We are really hoping it would snow again this winter, since the daddies missed the fun snow day (Hunter, Caden, & Grace's dad is the youth pastor and was on the missions trip with Dathan, and the other daddies were at work).  I know it's wishful thinking, but we can hope, right? :)

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Catherine Anne said...

Oh I LOVE them all. Very cute pics:)