Saturday, January 22, 2011

snow day... in california??

The day it snowed was a very rare Sunday for me.  Dathan left that morning with the youth to a missions trip to Mexico, and my parents were out of town, so it was just me & the boys.  We actually stayed home from church & just kind of slept in and relaxed.  That afternoon I went to go work at my "job" at the church for a couple hours and one of the youth came over to watch the boys while they napped.  While I was working it started snowing, which the weather had predicted it would.  But it wasn't really sticking.  On the way home it started snowing harder, and actually started to stick.  I got home to find out both boys didn't even sleep for the sitter and had been up playing.  Our sitter went home and I had like 3 places to be at the same time.  Because of the snow I ended up not going to any of the places.  So I bundled the boys up and took them outside to play in the fun but very rare snowstorm!

Sean loved it immediately!  He kept saying he wanted it to snow so that he could eat it.  Smart kid, that was my favorite thing to do as a kid too! ha!
Nolan liked it for a bit, but wasn't a huge fan.
We don't really have snow clothes... especially in California.  I was so glad I had found a fantastic deal on rain boots for the boys for Christmas and got them because at least their feet were covered in something waterproof! Ha!  We have gloves, but they are all the knit kind.  So they ran around with no gloves for awhile before we put the knit gloves on, and those didn't work for very long because they got wet.  Oh well, we were having fun. :)
Sean was so excited to ride his scooter in the snow.  He was really loving it!
If you look closely at Nolan's face, you can see that it was right before he lost it.  His hands were so cold but he refused to keep even warm, dry gloves on his hands.  I actually set him in the back of our Escape with the back door open so he could be out of the snow and he just screamed the whole time. 
I'm sure the neighbors thought I was an awesome mom, because I let him cry for a few minutes to try and finish playing in the snow with Sean.  When I did tell Sean it was time to go in, he started crying too.  Their lack of nap kicked in really quickly.  So I have two screaming, freezing, wet children standing in the garage making it that much harder to get all their cold, wet clothes & shoes off of them.  But I did, and then sent them to bed.  And of course they went straight to sleep :)

By the time the boys woke up from their naps it was dark & we didn't want to go back out.  It was still snowing though, totally beautiful!  I snapped this picture at about 8:00pm (it started snowing around 3:00pm).  You can actually see that the snow was still coming down!
When we went to bed that night we could not wait to wake up and play in the snow again!!


A Family of Love said...

We got about that much yesterday to add to our already 3+/- feet of snow in central Minnesota! With 17 degrees below zero this morning, I don't think it is going to melt soon either.

Love the look on the faces of the boys!

Have a great day!

Nancy said...

What pretty snow pictures, Erica! I love the last picture.

Peyton's Pages said...

How fun!