Thursday, January 20, 2011

our family photo shoot (and Christmas card... late!)

So in my lack of blogging lately, I realized I never posted last year's Christmas card or our pictures from our own family photo shoot.  So here they are.  Better late than never, right? ;)
christmas card 03
We went to a local wildlife preserve with my parents and younger brother.  My little bro is a photographer too (he does bands and shows) so I just gave him my camera, (attempted to) pose us, and let him shoot all the ones with me in them.  I took all the other shots, as well as did all the editing.  Here are some of our close but not quite it shots.
121110_blog 08
Not quite what we wanted for our Christmas card, but it does capture the essence of our family! Ha!
121110_blog 13
And the winner.  Could it be?  Is everyone smiling AND looking at the camera?  Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor.
121110_blog 10
Now taking a brothers picture was not easy.  They wanted to run and explore, and who could blame them?  These still turned out adorable, I think!
121110_blog 07
And the winner!  See the candy in Nolan's mouth?  Yes, we are not above bribing!
121110_blog 09
I  also got some fun shots of the boys individually.  These ones crack me up because Nolan was just off in his own little world dancing.  Look at that hip action!
121110_blog 05
121110_blog 03
Sean, well, wanted to jump.  So I let him!
121110_blog 04
121110_blog 02
I did a photoshoot for my parent's Christmas card as well.  Aren't they cute??
121110_blog 06
And they got one with my bro & the grandkids.
121110_blog 12
121110_blog 11
My brother's name is Timmy but my boys call him "Uncle B."  This is from when Sean was very small & we tried to get him to say "Uncle Timmy" but it came out "Uncle Bee-ee" and so it kind of stuck.  He's a pretty cool uncle :)
121110_blog 01

Sorry these are so late.  I am trying really hard to get better at blogging again.  I have be slacking for sure!


Kimberly Thomas said...

That's where Shillawna did my wedding pictures! Great place for a shoot!!

Peyton's Pages said...

Great pictures! That picture of Nolan with his finger by his mouth and scrunchy smile looks just like your scrunchy smile picture!