Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 on tuesday- january round up (yes, in the middle of february!)

1.) When I got my new camera, Sean was so excited about it he asked me to take a bajillion pictures of him.  He's such a goofball and I can't help but love him SO much! :)
010611_fb 02
2.) Whoever says the desert isn't pretty, has never been to my desert here!
3.) Dathan went on a missions trip with the youth to Mexico.  They day they came home I met up with another wife and a bunch of the teenage girls and we decorated the Champion Center and waited for them.  Sean came with me and had fun playing his DS while he waited.
4.) The whole crew when they got back!  What a great team!!!
5.) Only in southern California does it snow one day then about a week later the boys play outside in the water with no shirts on!
6.) Sean & his best buds Hunter & Caden love to be rock stars, and they think rock stars don't wear shirts.  So whenever they get together they take their shirts of and rock out.  I LOVE this picture of them!!
7.) One of my best friends growing up, Heather, lives in PA with her husband, and I had not seen her in about 3+ years.  They came out to visit & we got to hang out one night.  We went to 3 year old preschool together and even sat next to each other in our class picture.  That's a long friendship!!!
8.) My cousin had a baby shower & I snapped these adorable shots of my mom (on the left) with her two sisters.  It's amazing how much they look alike (and look just like their mom)!!  My mom is the middle sister :)
9.) We have a new found obsession with Legos!
10.) My brother & sister in law sent the boys gift cards for Christmas.  We finally got around to taking them and had to get a picture of them with their new toys to show their aunt & uncle.  They were so proud that they spent their own money, it was adorable!

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