Wednesday, October 13, 2010

so bad at this lately!

Ok well I have dusted the cobwebs & shooed away the crickets from my blog.  After being silent for TWO WEEKS I am back!  I have been SO busy.  It has been a great thing!  I am super swamped with photo editing (which is a great problem!) and so the times I would normally blog I have been spending editing pictures.  But right now, while both boys are napping I have chosen to blog :)  Do you feel special?

October 3rd was Dathan's birthday.  On the 2nd Alabama played Florida in college football.  So, we had a little bbqing football watching birthday party for Dathan with friends.  I was feeling adventurous so I decided to make cupcakes from scratch... for the first time!  Oh my life is forever changed and now I will never be able to bake cupcakes from the box again ;)
Sean was my big helper for the cupcakes.  A couple weeks before we had gone to our friend's daughter's 1st birthday party & she had made these cupcakes for it.  They were SO good, I'm not a big cupcake fan and I ate the whole thing.  She was kind enough to share the recipe with me & so I made some cookies & cream cupcakes.  Sean's favorite part of these cupcakes was lining the cups with the Oreos (the recipe calls for putting half an Oreo but I most definitely used a whole- double stuffed!- Oreo on the bottom of each!)
100210_blog 01

You fold in actual Oreo chunks into the batter.  Yummmmm!
100210_blog 02

Pulse (the student ministries at our church) was having their 3rd birthday party the next day & I was asked to make cupcakes for that.  I decided since I was already making cupcakes from scratch I might as well try another recipe for that.  I made PW's "Life by Chocolate" cupcakes and they were SO moist and good!  Sean loved putting the (dark chocolate) Hershey's kisses in the middle of the batter before I baked them.
100210_blog 03

I also made icing from scratch for the first time (told you I was feeling adventurous!) that I found through the PW called "That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had" and I'll have to admit... it was!  I used the frosting on both (instead of the cream cheese frosting on the recipe for the Oreo cupcakes or the ganache on the recipe for the chocolate ones).  In true Erica fashion I could not leave the frosting white.  Since the party for Pulse was an 80's theme I used neon colors and they looked SO pretty on both!  The Cookies & Cream ones are on the left & the Life by Chocolate ones are on the right.
100210_blog 04

The party was a lot of fun!  We had a couple other families as well as a few of the young men leaders from Pulse over where there was game watching, outside playing, food eating, more game watching & cute kids posing.  AND Alabama WON! ROLL TIDE!  It was a great game!
100210_blog 05

The next day was the 80's party, which I will blog about soon because it was SO much fun!  And then the next day (October 4th) Dathan left for Alabama :(  He will be gone until the beginning of November sometime (about 5 weeks total).  He had a few jobs to finish up and all of our stuff is still there.  So he's finishing up those jobs and then in his free time going through our stuff.  We are going to try to sell a lot of it and bring back as little as possible.  We miss him & hate to be away from him so long but we just couldn't afford for the boys & I to fly out there with him.  My parents have been a HUGE help to me that I don't feel too much like a single mom!!


Nancy said...

Alabama misses you! You were the one that got me started with PW & she is so fun & I love her blog. Thank you for sharing!

hanneyjo said...

I saw that recipe for the frosting on the Pioneer Woman website, too, and I wanted to try it! those oreo cupcakes look awesome, too. I'll have to try those.