Friday, October 15, 2010

big hair & neon leggings

Dathan and I have been a part of the student (Jr. High, High School, & College) ministries at our church for the last couple of months.  Pulse is a wonderful youth family where the kids get challenged to grow in God & learn to worship freely.  Sunday (October 3rd) was their 3rd birthday (and Dathan's birthday too! but not third! ha!).  They did an 80's dance party and it was a blast!
100310_blog 03

Dathan & I were decked out for the occasion (you can't see but Dathan tight-rolled his jeans & I had on a dress, leggings, socks over my leggings, and purple converse).  I love the mullet.  Nice touch Dathan :)
100310_blog 02

The guys were cracking me up all night!  Dathan and our friend Ryan are in the first picture.  The second picture is Dathan, Ryan, my younger brother Timmy, some dude, and our friend Kellen (well, he's Pastor Kellen now that he's the Jr. High pastor).  Too funny!
100310_blog 04

We had some awesome worship to start off the night.  I love worship at Pulse.  The Spirit of God is always there and flowing freely.  Then Pastor Ryan preached & they did a few testimonies of what God has done in different people's lives through Pulse.
100310_blog 01

After the service they had a couple silly games, ate cupcakes, set up a photo booth, and had a (literal) dance party.  It was a blast.  These last few pictures I got from other people (I put my camera away after worship because I was too busy helping set up).  The 1st is my brother Timmy (aka "Uncle B") with Nolan, the 2nd is myself with a whole lot of ice cream (don't worry, I actually didn't eat any of it LOL), the 3rd is Sean & I in the photo booth, the 4th is a dance party happening in the photo booth (Michael, Kellen, me, & Candice), and the last is a shot from the dance party.
100310_blog 05

We love these students, and the interns that work for this ministry.  We are excited to see where God is taking us with Pulse!!

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