Friday, October 22, 2010

the BLVD

Well, Dathan has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, and we have at least 2 weeks left until he comes back.  He is in Alabama getting our stuff and finishing up some jobs.  It's been *fun* being a single mom ;)  Especially when I have been so busy with work (which is great), and Nolan gets really sick.  But what do you do?

Since they have redone the Boulevard here in town, it has been such a cute & fun place to go hang out.  About once a month they have been doing different nights on the town with little vendors, different bands, & food carts.  So my parents and I took the boys one night.  We thought there were going to be go-kart races that night but they didn't start until the next morning.  We still had a great time listening to bands, seeing friends, and just enjoying a beautiful evening.

Isn't this a cute picture of my parents with the boys? 
100810_blog 04

The boys loved this motorcycle!
100810_blog 03

They had me get on and "ride" it too :)
100810_blog 01

Nolan thought it was fun to crawl through the wheel and run around
100810_blog 02

Sean was... well... Sean.  He is so full of life! Ha!
100810_blog 05

It was a great time.  We are planning on going back the 30th for their "Night on the BooLVD."  Should be fun!

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Nancy said...

Cute pic's! I can imagine you are missing your hubby!