Sunday, October 24, 2010

lombardi ranch

I have spent the last 3 Saturdays at Lombardi Ranch.  It is a local (well it's about a 45 minute drive from here) pumpkin patch that is SO much fun.  It's a different kind of fun than the Alabama pumpkin patch we went to last year.  And Sean & I actually went to this pumpkin patch 2 years ago when we were visiting (I was pregnant with Nolan).  Three weeks ago I did 3 photo sessions there, which you can see on my photo blog here.  Then last Saturday I had another photo shoot, then our friends met up with us to hang out.  These are the friends that are our "family" so my mom was with 3 of her "daughters" (my sister in law was missing!).  Then yesterday our marriage matters class (that we went camping with this summer) went together.  These pics are from last week (since I'm so behind on my pics)!  HA!

There is a huge pyramid made of hay that the kids LOVED playing on.  Well, all the kids but Nolan.  He didn't like the feel of the hay on his hands.  In fact, for this picture in the middle my friend Tina had to carry him to the top to get him up there with all the kids.
101610_blog 10

Of course we had to try to get a brother picture in the pumpkins.  Nolan would NOT sit still so we had to set him on Sean's lap, have Sean hold him down, then place a pumpkin on his lap to keep him still.  It worked long enough to get this one shot ;)  The boys also loved the different shaped gourds.
101610_blog 09

Jacob & Nathan got their faces painted (my kids could care less and since it cost money I didn't mind!)
101610_blog 08

We had to stick the 4 little boys in the photo op with the head openings :)
101610_blog 07

The pony ride was a big hit!  Nolan had such a serious face all day but as soon as we put him on the pony he smiled, waved, & said "yee-haw!"  It was adorable.  Sean loved the ponies as well.
101610_blog 06

I'm not sure why, but they have a "jail" to take pictures in! HA!  Jacob (in the blue shirt) cracks me up in the picture on the left.  The picture on the right is Tina, me, & Crystal... the 3 "sisters" (we missed Candace!).  Apparently Tina is excited to be in jail.
101610_blog 05

The train ride was another big hit.  John (Tina's husband & Nathan's dad) & I rode with all the kids, and all 4 of them loved it.  It goes through corn fields & sunflower fields, with different decorated scarecrows throughout.
101610_blog 04

Sean loved running through the rows of pumpkins.  I wish I could find the picture of him doing the very same thing 2 years ago.  We stuck Nolan in a pile of mini-pumpkins and actually got a picture of him A) not crying B) not squirming and C) basically looking at the camera!  Woohoo!
101610_blog 03

We took some family pics before we left (minus Dathan for me and my dad w/ my mom).  Sean's not too into taking pictures these days....
101610_blog 02

...except when he's with his bff Jacob!  They are so cute together.  And of course I had to get a pic of Sean by the pumpkins showing how tall he was (it was actually his idea).  Nolan would have none of it.
101610_blog 01

Stay tuned for plenty more pumpkin patch pictures (eventually) from yesterday!

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