Thursday, September 30, 2010

girl's night

I grew up in the same town, at the same church my entire life.  I have friends who we literally were in the nursery together and are still friends.  I am so blessed beyond measure with the group of friends that I have.  All of us have at least 10 years of friendship under our belts, most of us have more.

Although we all have gone down different paths, some of us to other states (and some of us back again. ha!), we get together and it's as if no time as passed.  We laugh, cry, talk, & just have a really great time.  One of our friends, Natalie, moved to Montana in 1995.  She was my best friend & it was so hard.  She came out to visit in 2001 to be in our friend Candice's wedding and decided to stay (sound familiar??).  Then moved back to Montana.  The fall of 2001 was (I believe) the last time I saw her. 

Well last week she came for a very short visit!  Her brother was getting married a couple hours from here so she came by for a couple days.  It was SO good seeing her again.  Last Wednesday we had a "come see Natalie" girls night with some of the friends who are still in town that could make it.  It was a blast!

I showed the girls this "Wrinkled Ladies" video (Anita Renfroe is SO funny!) and we tried to do the dance.  This is me, Candice (we were at her house), and Rachel.

Then we had to take some group shots.  We decided to do them in Awkward Family Photo style.  And now I am posting them here.  No shame, people, no shame.  
From left to right is Jaimie, me, Rachel, Natalie, & Candice.

"The Shelf" pose

And "The Stack"

And because we are not weirdos all the time, a "normal" picture :)

I really am so blessed!  Natalie- you & Kyle & the kids just need to go ahead and move back here.....

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