Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 on tuesday (it's been awhile!)

1.) I have been terrible at blogging lately.  I apologize.  We have been really busy, and I haven't been taking a lot of pictures (well, of our daily lives at least) and we all know I can't blog without photos :)

2.) I had decided to go to Ladies Bible Study at our church on Thursday mornings, but have since (after praying & thinking) changed my mind.  It was just another morning for the boys to go to childcare.  Sean's school is at our church, and he goes there Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Wednesday night he has his little Rainbows class (which I went to when I was 4... at the same church... in the same exact classroom!).  Then there's Sunday morning church.  And Dathan & I help in youth now, which is Sunday nights, so they are in childcare again.  That's a bit much, don't you think?  We love being busy, I just want to be wise with how often I leave them.

3.) A family at our church gave us a bunch of toys for the boys (including a super awesome plastic jungle gym thing for the back yard).  In the box were a bunch of Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads.  Sean LOVES them and plays with them all the time.

4.) Nolan is a parrot.  He imitates everyone, in the exact tone & vocal fluctuations as whoever said what he was repeating .  It's hilarious.  He also mimics everything his big brother does, & wants to do/play with/eat whatever Sean is.  I'm sure it will drive Sean nuts one day....

5.) We were also given a bat, ball, tee, & glove from people at the church (we were running low on toys since ours are all in Alabama. HA!).  The bat got cracked some point after this.  I don't think it was made to hit a real baseball ;)

6.) These brown eyes just make me melt

7.) I actually have another blog post I know I will be writing soon... I must be on top of things have some extra time to blog!

8.) Dathan's birthday is Sunday.  And then he leaves Monday for Alabama.  He will be gone over a month (probably around 5 weeks) which is the longest we've ever been apart :(  I'm thankful to be staying with my parents so I have help with the boys, but we will miss Dathan.  He has a few jobs he needs to do there as well as go through & pack up all of our stuff.   Then he will be driving back (his truck is still there).

9.) We are trying to do something fun every night this week since it will be so long before we see each other again.  Why do so many fun things cost so much money??

10.) Last weekend we made a trip up to Manteca again.  This time it was a quick trip (got there at 4:00pm on Friday & left at 10:00am on Sunday) but it was awesome.  I had the honor of photographing our friends, Elise & Doug's wedding!  It was a beautiful wedding & we had so much fun.  So pretty much all my "spare time" is now for editing wedding pics.  On the way back we stopped about half-way in Visalia to have lunch with our friends Bryan & Anna.  It was a good, but very tiring weekend.  Here is a little "sneak peek" I shared on Facebook:

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Peyton's Pages said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Sean and his potato heads. Nolan's brown eyes make me melt, too. Are you not coming back to AL at any point?