Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 on tuesday- randoms!

1.) I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. I got some darker color, which I LOVE! I also got bangs cut, which I LOVE in this picture (taken w/ my phone) but I haven't been able to get it to look like this again :( I got some layers in it which I am not too happy with how they turned out, which is why it's in a ponytail in this picture ;) But it's not horrible, and I am overall happy w/ the look!

2.) I snapped this picture one evening with my phone. Desert sunsets are beautiful!

3.) My parents took Sean to Disneyland for his birthday. Just the 3 of them. It was so special and he had the best time (and got so spoiled!). My mom sent me this picture from her phone, and I just LOVE it. It's too cute!

4.) Our good friends Bryan & Anna came to visit us one afternoon (they live about 2 hours away). When Dathan & I first got married we lived next door to them in our apartment. They got married 4 months before us. We hit it off immediately and did EVERYTHING together (seriously, we ate at least 3 dinners a week together!). They really deserve their own post. Anyways, this was their first time seeing Sean in over 2 years and meeting Nolan, as well as our first time meeting their daughter Bryanna (get it? Bryan + Anna = Bryanna! So cute!). We had a blast.
random blog 03

5.) Dathan bought me this necklace. Just because. I love it. I am wearing it right now as I type this :)
random blog 02

6.) Sean's first time in a "big boy" booster seat. I am like the car seat Nazi and follow all the guidlines. In Alabama it is 4 & 40lbs (I believe it is different here in California) and even though Sean isn't quite 40lbs (I think he's 38) I figured it was close enough. He loves it! (on a side note, Sean has a grey tooth. :/ Can you see it? He bumped it and damaged a nerve)
random blog 01

7.) The boy loves ribs. He knows how to eat!
random blog 04

8.) Cool dude. Haha so cute :)
random blog 03

9.) Sean shared his stickers with my mom. How sweet of him??? haha
random blog 02

10.) Sean asks my dad to snuggle with him during "rest time" almost every day. He is our cuddler! This day my dad didn't seem to have a problem with it ;)
random blog 01

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A Family of Love said...

Love the pictures! Especially the last one! My father in law always has our son sleep in his arms during naptime at their house (they spoil him just a little)!