Sunday, August 29, 2010


In my hometown they are revamping the "downtown boulevard" area. They are redoing the front of the shops/restaurants, planting trees, hanging adorable lights (you can see some of the changes here), and are building a lot of fun, new things- like apartment buildings and this restaurant.

071210_bex blog 01

Bex is an experience to say the least. Overall I am a fan and we have been 3 times since the beginning of July. The best part: their soda machines. They are touch screen. And then when you pick which soda you want, you have several different flavor options to put in it (right in the machine). Say, for instance, you pick Coke. Then a screen will come up and you can pick: regular Coke, vanilla Coke, cherry Coke, lime Coke, raspberry Coke, & orange Coke (yep, I'm serious). They have those options for almost ALL of the selections you see here. But, I only have this picture because I didn't want to feel like a weirdo in front of everyone taking a ton of pictures of the soda machine ;)

071210_bex blog 03

You order your food at a counter when you walk in (before you sit) but they also let you order at the tables after you sit down (very confusing). You have to get your own drink (which is fun: see above photo), plates, napkins, silverware, etc. But they serve you your food like a sit down restaurant. It's kind of weird. If it were up to me it would be more of a full sit down restaurant. But it's not weird enough that I don't go back ;)

071210_bex blog 05

The food: delicious. Everything I've eaten there has been good. It also comes out in a decent amount of time. Another weird fact about Bex: they bring you your food when it's finished cooking. So if my salad is done first, they will bring it to me. Just the salad. Then when someone else's pizza is done, they will bring them that. So everyone does not get their food at the same time. But because it is brought out in a pretty decent amount of time, it usually isn't a problem.

071210_bex 15

Besides being a restaurant, they are trying to make it into a cocktail lounge, if you are into that sort of thing. The photo on the left below is their cocktail lounge outside where you can order drinks and sit on the cushioned benches underneath the chandeliers. On the right is an extension of the cocktail lounge (you can also see the playground they have outside in the background). They also have a dance room (with a dress code & cover fee) and are in the process of building a 21 & over bowling alley in the basement. Pretty "classy" for the Antelope Valley! ha!

071210_bex blog 02

Directly in front there is this strange globe. It is a stage for bands to play when the boulevard is finished. How fun is that? And that blue building across the street that they are working on? I hear it's a bunch of studio apartments for artists (but don't know if it's just a rumor?). I love that idea though!

071210_bex blog 04

This particular night we went with my whole family, it was the day before Brian & Candace had to leave to fly back to Oklahoma :( When we were done eating we went on the playground so the (big & little) boys could play. When I was going through my photos later I realized almost all of them were taken on this tire thing. How funny!

071210_blog 02

We attempted to get an updated picture of the kids & grandkids (since the last one was taken in April, 2009). This is the only shot we got and then my battery died :( And I, of course, left my extra battery at home. Oh well, it's still pretty decent ;)

071210_blog 01

No, Bex did not pay more for this review (but they should have! ha!). I am just a fan. I believe in efforts to make where you live a better, nicer place & think it's a wonderful thing :)


Cyndi said...

This place looks like fun. And thanks for the comment on my blog. It was an eventful weekend that's for sure.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That looks like fun! I want to go.