Friday, August 27, 2010

camping- part III

The last day of camp wasn't too exciting. A lot of packing up everything and everyone whining about not wanting to go home ;) We had our last group devotional, took some pictures, and then went our separate ways! As you can see, Sean was really happy about leaving ;)
camping 10

We took a few minutes and I snapped a photo of each individual family that came. Isn't this a great, good-looking, fun group of people? It really was! What's fun is Pastor Troy (bottom left photo) was the youth pastor at our church back when I was in youth group. Then he moved away for about 10 years or so and came back as an associate pastor. One of his ministries is leading the marriage matters class, which now consists of many of his old youth group students who are now married & have families. How fun/weird is that?!
camping 11

And the whole group! I don't know if I can even express into words what a great time we had on this trip. It was just what we needed!

We took the scenic route home & stopped for lunch at Pea Soup Andersen's. The boys all loved their lunches, but I was not a fan of mine. Oh well, it happens when you try to bring variety in your life ;)

We caught some traffic on the way home, but besides that it was a pretty peaceful & relaxing drive- how can it not be when you look to the right and see the Pacific Ocean? We are already ready to go camping with this fun group next year (and for the Sunday School classes to start back up so we can join them).

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