Wednesday, August 25, 2010

camping- part II

Day 3 of our camping trip began with breakfast & group devotionals. Then we all packed lunches, beach bags, and our kids & headed to Avila Beach! It was really chilly & the water was even more cold, so we didn't actually go swimming. Sean & Nolan were totally ok with that- they were perfectly content playing in the sand. For 3+ hours. Seriously, not a peep out of them, unless they wanted a snack or were talking to their friends. They were in heaven. Dathan got to play a pretty intense game of bocce ball and then I was able to play a couple games of ladder golf with some of my girlfriends.
camping 05

We got back to camp & had dinner (hamburgers & hot dogs). There were deer all over the campgrounds and they were obviously used to being around humans... they would just eat right out of our hands! Then of course we all headed to the campfire. We became expert s'more makers by now. Some of the best times were around the campfire :)
camping 06

Day 4 of camp Dathan got up early to go fishing with Jer & they found wild turkeys running around all of our tents. Thanksgiving anyone? It was really cold that morning & each day we pushed breakfast time back later & later ;) After breakfast we had another group devotional.
camping 07

This day was a free day so every family was encouraged to do what they wanted, but try to do it with at least one other family (for the fellowship). After devotionals we tried to go fishing at the lake with Jer & Amanda & their kids but it was REALLY windy & cold so we didn't last very long down there. At least the kids had fun throwing rocks in the water! ha!
camping 08

Then we headed to Pismo Beach with two other families for lunch. We got food (after a really long wait in line! that place is popular!) from the Splash Cafe and ate on the pier, then walked around for awhile. We saw a group of people forming from the pier and looked & saw this man making an incredible sand castle. Apparently he does this every Saturday, making an original design & building it in a spot where the tide will wash it away that night.
camping 09

We left the beach & ran by the outlet mall for the fastest outlet mall shopping trip of my life. The boys fell asleep in the car so Dathan offered (so generously! ha! he hates shopping) to stay in the car with them while I ran in Gymboree and Carters. I found some great deals for some winter clothes for the boys! Then we headed back to camp for a dinner of spaghetti and then played some more ladder golf and mexican horseshoe.

This night it was fun because about 6 of us girls put our husbands & kids to bed then went back to the campfire and stayed up until after 1:00AM talking & laughing together. It was a blast!!


Amanda said...

I am still bummed I missed out that night. If I knew you guys were doing that I would have stayed up. I only went to bed cause Gavin wouldn't sleep in the tent alone. :(

P.S. I like your new look on the page too ;) I copied some ideas of yours on my page. Love ya!

Catherine Anne said...

Love it here