Friday, August 20, 2010

toy story party

**This is from Sean's birthday last August but I am linking it up with Kelly's kids birthday party ideas today!  You can see other parties we've done under my "birthday parties" tag on the right! :)  **

Last Saturday we had a toy story birthday party for sean, and it was a blast! The weather was perfect- warm (but not too hot), sunny, & bright blue skies with hardly any wind (which is pretty unheard of around here). Sean was decked out in his Buzz Lightyear t-shirt and ready to play with all his new friends.
081410_collage 07

My good friend, Amanda, was generous enough to let us "borrow" her house for the party. They have a huge great room & an even bigger backyard. We lined the counter up with lots of snack food- animal crackers, cheese balls, bbq chips, watermelon, peaches, grapes, & tortilla chips with rotel dip. I get tired of goody bags at parties with all sorts of cheap toys that get lost or broken & end up in the trash. So instead I filled the goody bags with toy story cheez-its, toy story fruit snacks, and a toy story card game. i think they were hits! We had capri sun & bottled water on ice outside to drink.
081410_collage 04

A wonderful family from my parents church let us borrow their (full sized!) bounce house for the party. It was a winner with all of the kids, for sure. Even Sean got in & bounced (which, when we set it up the night before, he didn't want anything to do with it). What a fun time & was perfect for this age- too young to play "party games" but too old to be entertained by balloons only ;)
081410_collage 03

The little boys had a blast in Amanda's awesome play room.

The big boys had a blast on Amanda's awesome couch.

At first my plan was to just ice the cupcakes and put some toy story sprinkles on them. But then I realized that was just not going to cut it for me, I always enjoy doing something fun & creative for the boys' birthday cakes/cupcakes. I found an idea for some alien cupcakes (which I will describe in a whole different post) that I tweaked to make my own and they turned out adorable (even if they melted a little in the trunk of the car. ha!)
081410_collage 05

Everyone gathered in to sing "happy birthday" and Sean did so well in the spotlight.
081410_collage 06

We had to send the kids outside to eat the cupcakes because of the overflowing amount of green icing, but they didn't seem to mind. Sean was surrounded by such a FUN and ADORABLE group of friends! We are so blessed!
081410_collage 01

We had a couple very unsuccessful attempts at taking our Annibirthary 2010 picture, but then we eventually got this one. It will do :)

And of course, what is a birthday party without presents? Sean got SO many, and even though he got a ton of toy story stuff there were no duplicates ;) When I asked him what his favorite thing about his party was, he said "the presents" and then when I asked which present was his favorite he said "all of them." Such a good kid! :) We got him his first Message Bible for Kids, a Veggie Tales DVD, the Buzz Lightyear Star Command DVD, a worship CD, and a toy story water bottle (I did not get any of the presents on the places I linked them to but wanted to give you a visual in case you were wondering what it was). Nothing too big, but all things he needed/wanted.
081410_collage 02

We are blessed with so many friends & family here in California. What a great start to the beginning of the next chapter of our lives! Stay tuned for the how-to post on those alien cupcakes ;)


Peyton's Pages said...

Looks like a super fun party! I love the cupcakes. I also love the collage of all the kids, especially the picture of Sean in the upper right hand corner.

hanneyjo said...

those cupcakes are AWESOME!!! I'm thinking Evan wants a Mario party this year. So sad we missed Sean's party, though. :(