Wednesday, August 18, 2010

our big announcement

wow, ok, so i am really far behind in my blogging.
besides the annibirthary blog & the prayer request i posted, i am over a month behind.
a lot, a LOT has gone on in the stephens family in the last month or so, and i have SO much to blog about.
but right now i will give you the quick run-down of what has taken place since the family reunion:

*dathan & i helped at the church's vbs while sean attended the preschool one & nolan went to the nursery
*dathan & i got to speak & share our life story to the marriage matters sunday school class
*we went to a big summer party for my dad's work
*sean & i went on a date to paint a dream
*dathan surprised me with flowers & a night away in a hotel w/ no kids
*we went to manteca (5 hours north of here) for 5 days to visit friends
*there were big wildfires several miles from my parents house & i had to help a friend pack up & evacuate her family from their home
*dathan went to my cousin's to work for 4 days (the boys & i stayed here)
*my mom & i got our hair done
*my dad broke his toe (really badly)
*we went on a 5 day camping trip with the marriage matters class at the church here and had the time of our lives
*we had some great friends come and visit from a few hours north of here
*we threw sean a big toy story birthday party
*signed sean up for preschool (sniff sniff, he starts the day after labor day, just 2 days a week)
*i have done 5 photo shoots
*i had to look through my pictures to remember most of these because we have been so busy it's been hard to keep track of everything, let alone blog about it!

but most importantly, our big announcement for all who have read to the bottom to find it....

no, we are not pregnant (sorry to disappoint so many of you!)......

after much prayer & confirmation we are going to be living here, in (the antelope valley) california, permanently!!!!

such a hard decision to come to and it definitely didn't come without a lot of prayer, fasting, and seeking. we have realized that God has been setting us up in the last 6 months for just this... to move... and that we have so much we can do for Him here. we are still praying about the 'minor' details- things like work, a place to live, & getting all of our stuff from alabama to here ;) but we know that this is where God has called us & He is going to provide for our every need. i cannot wait to share with everyone our testimony of God's provision when all of our needs are met!!!

so for now i am going to leave it at that... i am sleepy. and i will catch up the blog on all of our fun family adventures. but for now i will leave you with something that is sure to brighten your day :)


Nancy said...

Oh I am sad, but happy for you all at the same time! God has a plan here!! He has a reason for everything, I know you will be back visiting from time to time & HAPPY I can keep up with you on your blog! CONGRATS & will be praying for your move!!

hanneyjo said...

I hope things go well for you! I'm so glad we got to know each other in Alabama. :)