Friday, August 6, 2010

heading down the highway...

the 101 to be exact!
as we were driving home from paso robles we decided to take the 101, which is the scenic route, home! we took our time and made a couple little stops. our first one was in solvang.

solvang is a little danish town that has a bunch of shops and places to eat. it's so cute! unfortunately for us, it is not the most kid-friendly area around. mainly because there is nothing all too fun for young children to do. the most exciting part of our stop was the balloon that nolan got in one of the shops. so, needless to say, we didn't stay very long.

heading back out to the highway we saw an ostrich farm so we pulled over to snap a couple photos and show the boys.

we drove a little further through so many beach towns i LOVE & we stopped in santa barbara. we parked right next to the sand and walked over towards the pier.

isn't it beautiful there? i love how the mountains meet the ocean!

there was this "homeless" man making statues out of sand. i use "homeless" loosely because i know there are a lot of people who pretend to be homeless because they earn more money that way (not saying he did, just saying...). anyways, this was so random i had to take a picture! the sign says "obama's not the only one who wants change" (well that's subtle... they had buckets for people to put money in all over the place!). then there is a seal sitting on a sandcastle with two sharks coming towards him... but the sharks have elmo heads? what the heck?? HA!

we found a little candy shop on the pier and sean was happy because we got some pez refills for the toy story pez dispensers uncle b gave him.

this was so sweet! they were all holding hands walking back to the car :)

i had to snap a picture while driving home... there's nothing like driving down the freeway and looking out of your window & seeing nothing but ocean! i love california! :)

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