Friday, August 13, 2010

my heart is hurting :(

Hey guys, I know that I am waaaay behind on my blogging... life has been really super busy lately! But today I am coming to ask all of my prayer warrior friends out there in blog land to pray for a friend of mine.

She went in today to find out the gender of her baby and instead found out that the baby has a heart defect, the lungs aren't developed properly, & the dr. couldn't see any kidneys. They were told there was a greater than 50% chance of survival in the womb until birth but that the baby wouldn't live past that. They are in shock, of course, and heartbroken.

I believe God is sovereign in ALL situations. And I also believe that God is a healing God. He can heal this baby, and He can heal their hurting hearts.

Pray with me?

(I am not going to share their name on my blog but God knows it, as well as their faces & hearts!)


Nancy said...

That is heartbreaking & I promise to add them to my prayer list!!

hanneyjo said...

Every time I think about it, I want to cry. I can't even imagine the heart ache... we'll be praying for them, too!