Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 on tuesday- going out to eat!

10 things our family does while going out to dinner together in paso robles

1.) let nolan finish throwing a fit so we can leave the hotel

2.) stick nolan's face in a cheesy tourist sign while walking to the restaurant.

3.) stick sean's face in the other one

4.) do "cool tricks" (like on yo gabba gabba) and stick spoons on our noses while we wait for our food.

5.) eat the biggest onion ring. ever.

6.) eat a salad that challenges the one i ate at lamberts

7.) take pictures with memaw

8.) pretend to eat the big, fake food with memaw

9.) make this face when mommy tells you that you really can't eat the big, fake food

10.) spend time w/ uncle brian & aunt candace on the way back to the hotel

1 comment:

Nancy said...

That is the cutest post. The fit is my favorite. I see those from time to time! HA!!