Monday, July 26, 2010


the boys hair was getting a bit shaggy and so my mom & i took them to a place in town we had heard about that was supposed to be really fun for kids... and it was! the boys got to sit in a "fun" chair and the stylists were PROS at cutting my squirmy boys' hair (especially nolan)! and the price was SO affordable (the same i pay our girl in alabama). i want to take them home with me :)

nolan got to sit in the 4x4 monster truck that had all sorts of buttons & knobs to entertain him. he also found a buzz lightyear in the toy bin that he didn't let go of the entire time. he did really good and we only had to resort to the paci towards the end.

sean got to ride the "big boy" harley davidson and bragged about it to my dad when we got home ;) he still really likes his long hair so we got a good trim & a little bit of an angle in the front to help keep it out of his eyes

those are two very handsome boys, if i do say so myself ;)

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