Thursday, June 17, 2010

priorities & bubbles

so i have been having a really hard time balancing my life. i am so blessed to be so busy w/ my growing (rather quickly) photography business. God has been so good and so faithful to us in that area. but i am really struggling with prioritizing and getting things accomplished. as you can tell from my quiet blog, i am trying to figure out what i have time for and what i don't. when i'm spending 40+ hours on photography a week, as well as being a stay at home mom of 2, things are getting neglected. just imagine a sink overflowing with dishes & enough clean laundry (in piles) to take up 5 hours of my day folding (literally, i folded it all today). all that being said, i am thanking you in advance for bearing with me ;)

one thing i'm trying to be very adamant about is still spending as much time playing with the boys as possible. it is so easy to sit in front of the computer and edit all day long, especially now that the boys are getting older and playing together more. but i don't want their childhood memories of me, their mommy, to be in front of the computer all the time.

luckily, the little things make some of the best memories. like bubbles, for instance. bubbles just make me happy, they always have. i had the nickname of "bubble girl" in high school because of my bubbly personality and love for pulling out bubbles at random times & blowing them. so, i of course am thrilled that my boys love bubbles just as much as i do!

nolan was very serious about getting the wand into the container (yes, that is mac n cheese in a pink bowl AND waffles on his tray).

he is growing up so fast!

dathan humored me enough to blow some bubbles so i could attempt to get some reflection shots in the bubbles. he's such a good husband :)

i want to challenge everyone to go and blow some bubbles today- whether or not you have kids. it will make you happy :)


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

We love bubbles too! We have a bubble gun that shoots lots of bubbles and makes for some cool pictures.

Cyndi said...

I love playing with bubbles! They are so much fun. I am praying for you. I know how hard it is to juggle everything. And I don't have a husband or kids, (YET)! I know that God is still God, even in the chaos.