Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy birthday/fathers day, dad!!

today is my dad's birthday! and tomorrow is father's day! so this post is, of course, dedicated to my dad :) while most dads are grilling out, or watching sports, or playing golf, or going out to eat on their birthday/fathers day (which they deserve and there is nothing, in any way, shape, or form wrong with that), my dad is not. he is doing something selfless, something wonderful, something he loves! my parents are the directors of royal family kids camp at their church in california, and they leave for camp on sunday! royal family kids camp is a camp for abused and neglected children, and it is the most amazing & life changing week of both the camper & counselors life. i, personally, have been to camp 9 times and miss it immensely! if you think about it, please pray for my parents, their staff of over 100, and the 66 kids going to camp this week!!

i have been blessed with a wonderful dad! he has always worked hard & provided for my family. he loves us & takes care of us (even when we are all grown-up & moved out!). his heart is big. i love how much he loves my mom (after 31 years of marriage he still, to this day, opens the car door for my mom). never in my life did i ever doubt my parents love.

i also love how much he & dathan get along. i think every girl dreams & prays that her dad & her husband will not only get along, but be friends. mine are! they crack dumb jokes, understand each other's humor, hang out, & enjoy each other. i love this picture from our wedding of my dad & dathan "you better take care of my daughter, or else!" and the picture of us walking down the aisle... bless my dad's heart, he cried the whole way ;)

i was blessed with the honor of giving my dad his first grandchild (and my grandma her first great-grandchild!). here is the only 4 generation picture we have from his side of the family. his mom, my grandma millie, passed away when sean was only a few months old.

i couldn't ask for a better grandpa "papa" for my boys. they just LOVE their papa rick!

my dad works hard. he tells funny stories. he tells weird stories (hey, he was a police officer for almost 25 years, so he has a lot of stories!). he has a tender heart (but pretends to be super tough)

nolan's middle name is after my dad (richard). if he grows up to be a man like his papa rick, i know both dathan & i would be honored & proud. it's been over 6 months since we last saw him so nolan has changed & grown a lot! we will have to re-introduce him when we go to california next month, but i know they will be just as bonded as they were the other 3 times they've been together!

sean loves his papa rick & talks about him all the time! what a fun papa he has! plus sean thinks he's the coolest because he used to be a police officer. every time sean sees a police car he calls it a "papa's car." he asks every day if it's time to go see him yet!

my dad is one of my heroes & i couldn't help but give honor where it is due. so dad, i honor you. i love you for the man of God that you are & the example you have always been. thank you for showing me what i wanted in my husband, for being that example of what a godly husband & father should be. thank you for being a loving & caring papa to my boys!

i love you dad! happy birthday & happy father's day!!!

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