Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day, dathan (a day late)!

i love to celebrate & honor my husband! he is so amazing and i just can't help it!
(warning: waaaaaaay too many pictures in this post!)

before dathan ever became a daddy, he wasn't so sure if he wanted to be one. but even back then, i knew he was ready. just look!

ready or not, on our 2nd wedding anniversary he became a daddy (ick! look at his long hair). parenting is such a major process of learning & growing, but he has done a fine job! and in february of last year he became a daddy again!

i just love dathan so much. he is a wonderful husband. he works hard, takes care of me, treats me wonderfully, is loving, funny & kind (not to mention QUITE good looking). and he is a great daddy... better than what i would dream about growing up!

he makes some of the funnest memories with the boys. they get SO excited when he comes home from work every day and both of them run to the door yelling "DADDY!" it makes my heart melt (and i know it does the same to his).

i don't have to worry because i know that my boys have a godly daddy to teach them about their Daddy God. what a great example dathan leads for them!

he is a big kid at heart, and knows how to be silly & have fun. but at the same time he knows when he needs to be serious or take advantage of a teachable moment w/ one of the boys.

watching the boys grow goes hand in hand (literally) with watching dathan grow as a dad. he is not prideful in any way, but he knows when he makes a mistake and he chooses to change & grow because of it. we all become better people because of dathan.

can i just brag on dathan a bit? he changes diapers. i know from talking w/ several friends that it's a big deal. he willingly changes diapers, i do not have to force him. he offers to watch the boys so i can get out of the house for awhile. he works 40+ hours a week and yet comes home fully of energy (or at least pretends really well for the boys). he will get home from work and take the boys outside to play while i get dinner ready. and he bathes the boys, i've rarely ever done it. all those "little" things mean so much to me!

this is my favorite picture of my 3 boys :)

because of my whole 'having problems with prioritizing & being busy' thing lately, i really slacked on making father's day special for dathan. but i honor him for the man he is, and sometimes words (written or spoken) can be more special than any gift you can give. i LOVE you dathan with all of my heart! happy fathers day!!!!


hanneyjo said...

aw, so sweet! Dathan is a great Daddy! :D

Shillawna said...

Beautiful post! And I loved all of the many pictures! You and your family are very blessed!