Monday, June 14, 2010

here i am!

oh my goodness, life has been SO crazy for me lately! i apologize for not blogging like i should... i know you were all sitting by your computers every day waiting anxiously for a new post from me. or something like that ;)

a short little recap of the last few weeks:
*photographed 2 weddings
*have done 6+ family/baby shoots
*attended 2 weddings (besides the 2 i shot)
*one wedding/3 photo shoots were in birmingham
*zumba class every tues/thurs
*sean's gymnastics class every tues
*normal mommy stuff like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, making dinner, bathing children, etc
*picnics, bbq's, & play dates
*i'm sure all sorts of other things but my brain is fried ;)

so, needless to say i have been very behind in blogging, & i apologize. i will hopefully be fixing that this week!

and because a post isn't a "real" post without pictures, i will leave you with these:

the sky was breathtaking when we were driving home from birmingham. i made dathan pull over so i could take this picture

**please note, this did not happen while taking the picture above of the clouds**
just so you know, i am a photographer willing to go get dirty (literally) to get a good shot. of course, this was on accident, but still. i had taken a step back (not in this exact spot) and my feet sunk over 6 inches in the mud. it was lovely ;)

i hope you are all enjoying your summers!!! we are having a great one, trying not to melt of course ;)


Cyndi said...

I have been missing your posts. You always post great pics. Glad to know that you are doing good. How do you like Zumba? I have become interested in it and am thinking about taking a class here. Just wonder if I would be able to do it or not. Would love to get together soon. I keep a couple of kids and would love for you to take a pic of them for their mom. If you could work us into your schedule, let me know.

Natalie said...

wow you have seriously been busy!! I hope you're finding a little time to relax now : )