Sunday, June 27, 2010

he likes to move it, move it

the last couple months sean has been going to gymnastics class every week at the ymca. we really wanted to get him involved in an extracurricular activity & this class was the only one available there for his age ;) that's ok, we figured since he bounces off the walls anyways that we might as well put him in a class where he gets to literally bounce off the walls! he loves it & is actually learning a lot.

they start the class out with a warm up... usually some sort of follow the leader. sean is in the middle with the blue shirt & dark blue shorts.

see him glancing over at the camera here? he will be in the middle of doing something and then look at me & dathan and say "i'm doing great guys!" too cute!

then they stretch. bless these girls hearts- they've got to be in high school and they have SO much patience with these kids. they do a great job keeping them in line, teaching them what they need to, and making it fun.

then all the kids take their seats against the wall and get to learn a great lesson in patience and waiting your turn. they come up one by one and do "flips" (aka somersaults). sean loves this and practices them at the house all the time.

then after all the kids have done their flips then they go back & take turns doing backwards flips

and then handstands

last week during class sean came up to me over 6 times in a 30 minute time period and said "mommy, i have something to tell you... i really love you."

i really love you too, sean! :)