Friday, June 25, 2010

birmingham botanical gardens

if you follow my photo blog, you know that i did a few photo shoots at the birmingham botanical gardens. the original reason we were heading that way was because two of our friends, patrick & lindsey, were getting married! they are such a great couple! they had this painting of themselves sitting in the entrance.

her colors were bright purple & blue with sunflowers- so adorable!

the ceremony was held in a charming little courtyard near the front of the gardens. it was really, really hot that day. i mean, it was a wedding in alabama in june at 3:00pm... we were all melting! :)

dathan and his friend chris were bored waiting for the wedding to start

the boys were not- they were really excited about the overflowing amount of bubbles supplied to them... they didn't understand that the bubbles were for after the wedding but i don't think anyone cared ;)

i'm pretty sure they were hot and bored (i'm telling you... it was REALLY hot)

patrick was so cute waiting for lindsey to come... he kept shaking his leg and laughing

lindsey looked stunning in her simple, elegant gown, her hair in loose curls, & carrying her bouquet of sunflowers

i was not the photographer for their wedding and i'm pretty much thankful only because it was SO hot i think i would have been miserable! but the ceremony photographed beautifully!

aren't they a sweet couple? they have THE most adorable engagement video you can watch here. seriously, they are great. AND they are leaving this week to spend the first chapter of their marriage at YWAM (youth with a mission)... what a beautiful way to start a life together!

the beautiful bride & i

patrick & lindsey- i pray you a lifetime of love & happiness. may you always work hard for what matters- God & your love. i know God is going to wreck the both of you while you are doing mission work & i can't wait to hear about it when you get back! love you!

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