Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 on tuesday

10 fun things we've done this summer!

1.) watch the boys try to figure out how to get the paddle boat "unstuck" from under the other boat. laugh when all they had to do was raise the other boat.

2.) attempt to take nolan out on the paddleboat. after 2 minutes of non stop screaming, hand him off to rachel on the dock.

3.) laugh as josh looks awkwardly funny in the back of the paddleboat

4.) take the boys for a swim in the creek (with josh's help)

5.) end up with only nolan in the creek because sean "didn't like the creek water"

6.) let sean run around with his favorite "big kid" friend catherine. she may just be his first crush? not really, but we joke with her about it ;)

7.) pretend to squirt mommy with the water hose

8.) eat lots of sonic ice (and take advantage several times a week of sonic's "happy hour")

9.) attempt to sit on a hammock. impossible to relax because mommy is too afraid of it flipping over (which it did, but i caught it). lasts all but 45 seconds (and no cute pictures like i was imagining)

10.) and finally, play the "lets see who can subconsciously stick their belly out the farthest" game
(nolan won)


Natalie said...

your boys are so so cute : )

Catherine Anne said...

Love catching up on the blog~