Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mother's day weekend part 4- the rest

have you ever had so much stuff happen in one day that it felt like several different days all packed into one? well that was how mother's day felt for us! as you can see, it has taken 3 (well, actually 4 if you count when i blogged about taking sean to the ER) posts to fit it all in! what a fun, busy, blessed day we had!!

after we finished at the choo choo, dathan's mom went back to her hotel & we headed out to downtown. we parked on one side of the river & walked over to the other side. our friends told us about a really awesome park over there so we wanted to check it out. the bridge was really fun to walk over. the boys loved pointing at the water & looking at the boats.

the first thing we hit up at the park was their merry-go-round. we wanted to take the boys on it & when we found it was only $1 per person (and nolan was free!) we couldn't pass that up! nolan had never been on a carousel and the last time sean was it was at the oklahoma city zoo & he had just turned 2 & cried the whole time! no tears this time... both boys loved it!

i tried to get a picture w/ the boys in front of the carousel. did i mention before how hard it is to get a good family photo? oh i have? sorry ;) it's ok, i think they are funny & cute... and i know one day i'll look back w/ such fond memories of all of these times. because this- sean acting like a super hero & making a funny face and nolan barely looking at the camera and trying to run away- this is who my boys are right now. i don't ever want to forget that!

right outside the carousel was a splash pad. because it A) was beautiful outside B) was hot outside C) was free D) was right there & E) we had changes of clothes in the car, we decided to let the boys go ahead & play in their clothes. this was nolan's first time playing in a splash pad (and after 3 days of walking he was quite the 'expert') since he was too small last year to play and he absolutely loved it! well, until he was standing on top of one of the jets & it shot up right on him... then he was over it (and i caught it in action. it's the photo on the right)

sean, being the pro at splash pads after 2 summers of playing in it at home, went to town. to everyone's surprise he was acting like a super hero ;) apparently the jets were bad guys and he was punching them. silly kiddo.

after the boys were finished playing we loaded them on the stroller and headed back across the bridge. we went to the car & put them in some dry clothes then headed to panera for dinner- my favorite! what was even better was we got to meet up with some friends, bree & luke. well, bree went to master's commission w/ dathan & i and it was our first time meeting her husband. i love bree! she's still such a sweet & joyful person. and i love that we met people in master's commission from all over the country- i feel like no matter where we go to visit there will always be a friend to meet up w/ for dinner ;)

after panera, because our day had not be busy enough, we decided to walk to cold stone which was "only a couple blocks away." it really wasn't too far but after such a busy day it felt like forever. it was sooooo worth it though- cold stone is my favorite and the closest one to where we live is about 2 hours away! on the way to cold stone we got to walk in front of the aquarium again & all 3 boys had fun climbing on the water feature.

sean picked out his own flavor & mix-in: chocolate (or "chwockwate" as sean says) ice cream w/ rainbow sprinkles. eating cold stone is very serious business.

nolan ate off of mine & dathan's and of course loved it. i don't know how nolan gets messy whenever he eats, but he always does. he's so funny!

after eating we walked back to our car at sunset then drove home. well, you know, started driving home. then we ended up at the ER. but remember, that was a whole different post..... ;)

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