Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mother's day weekend part 3- choo choo

after we left lookout mountain (see last post) we drove to downtown chattanooga because kathy, my mother in law, wanted to take the boys to the chattanooga choo choo. it is a hotel that kathy stayed at one of the weeks she was working there. but before it was a hotel it was an actual trian station for the city of chattanooga. when the train stopped running through there they were going to tear it down but some rich guy bought it and preserved it & turned it into a hotel (like my super in-depth history lesson? ha!).

it is beautiful. really a gorgeous old building. i just loved the inside! i had to take the photo on the bottom left because our old house was in sheffield ;)

outside of the "station" (which is now the front desk for the hotel & a dining area) there are actual train cars that were preserved and some were made into hotel "rooms." how fun would it be to stay in there??

sean was very excited to go inside the train engine

they had absolutely beautiful roses everywhere. whoever is in charge of their flower gardens does a fabulous job!

sean thought these were so cool. he called them the "squiggerly wiggerlies" haha!

probably one of my favorite photos of the whole weekend. so precious!!

they had an authentic working trolley that you could take rides on, so of course we did. i think this was sean's favorite part!

the fam on the trolley

mimi & her grandsons enjoying the ride

the conductor even let the boys ring the bell. well, nolan didn't really "ring" it but sean had a blast!

random note: i was looking at the above photo of sean & saw that random boy in the background. then i started to wonder how many photos my children (or even me!) have been in the background of? and then i was thinking how funny it would be to be blog hopping and then see yourself or your child in the background of someone's photo. yes, i realize i'm strange, it's ok ;)

alright, tomorrow will be the last post of our wonderful mother's day weekend :)

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I have wondered that exact same thing before!! - How many pictures am I in the background of?

My mom told me I was weird for thinking that. So you're weird too.

Great pictures! Looks like a super fun day.