Monday, May 17, 2010

mother's day weekend part 2- lookout mtn

man, i sure have been terrible with blogging lately. in my defense, i have been super busy! and i had a million photos to edit from our mother's day trip ;) so, i am going to go a little blogging crazy this week to catch everyone up! aren't you excited? i know you are! and, in true erica fashion, i will overload you with photos and make collages so it doesn't seem like there's a gazillion pics ;) ha!

on sunday (mother's day) morning we went to ruby falls on lookout mountain. we didn't go to the actual ruby falls because 1) the tickets were kind of ridiculous and 2) it was like a mile walk & you couldn't bring your stroller. dathan & i said when we went back by ourselves (which we're hoping maybe for our anniversary!) we will definitely take the hike because it looks amazing! anyways, we walked around the gift shop for awhile & the boys had fun trying on silly hats :) i would have to say dathan's is my favorite!

here is another ill attempt at piecing several pictures together to get the panoramic view. oh well ;) this is chattanooga, as seen from ruby falls on look out mountain. isn't it beautiful? did i mention we loved this city??

of course we had to take some family photos in front of the beautiful view. the bottom right makes me laugh- dathan & his mom taking a mother's day photo ;) ok the top right makes me laugh too... i'm sure sean was just praising the Lord ;) haha!

and here is my mother's day 2010 photo! i'm so blessed to be the mommy to these 2 boys!!!

seriously they make my heart soooooooo happy!

they had an awesome playground that they "allowed" us to go play on (apparently you are only allowed on the playground & where we took those photos above if you pay for the tour but they told us because their bathrooms were out of service they would 'let' us go up there for free). it was fun for the boys to run around & get some energy out!

they had a place where you could pay, of course, to pan for gold. who needs to pay when it's a blast just to splash in the water for free???

i took this photo through the doorway as we were leaving. it was the perfect day to go on top of the mountain!

oh yes, still more to come...

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Mandi said...

You're not as bad at blogging as I've been lately!