Saturday, June 27, 2009


children have such joy to them. they run around, free from responsibilities and stresses. their biggest concerns are going down for a nap or whether they want a red or blue crayon... and it shows. more often than not you will see a child dancing freely in the midst of a crowd (such as mine in the above video), smiling at a complete stranger, or singing to themselves in the middle of the outfield during a t-ball game (that would've been me as a child).

so, as we get older, why do so many of us lose that joy? is it the daily stresses of life that just get to us & we cannot handle it? has too much happened to us while growing up that there is no room for joy? is stress or bitterness or depression or anger the absence of joy?

God wants us to have child-like faith. so many people take that as believe like a child that God will do what He said He will, which it is. but also i believe having child-like faith is getting back to that point of freedom from worries & stresses so we can truly walk in the joy & fullness God has for us.

now, praying for child-like faith is not going to make our scars from the past or mortgage disappear. but, having child-like faith is knowing that God has all of that in His hands. we give ourselves wholly to Him- our hurts, our pain, our fears, our doubts- and not worry about it afterward. children are dependent upon their parents (or caregivers) to feed them, clothe them, give them a roof over their head, etc. they (for the most part) know that their parents are going to take care of them, so they don't need to worry about how dinner is going to get on the table tonight.

that's how God wants us to be in Him. we need to become so dependent on Him that there isn't a worry in our hearts that "dinner won't get on the table" tonight. and with that freedom comes joy, and that joy is our strength (neh. 8:10).

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Shillawna said...

Adorable video! It made me want to join him!