Saturday, March 13, 2010

nolan's 1st birthday: part 2

the actual party was so sweet, fun, & adorable. we really did have a blast!

i didn't get the best picture of the banner, but i made nolan this blue & green banner and hung it across the huge picture window in the living room. i don't know if you can really tell the size, but the window is very big. all i did was have my wonderful husband cut me some triangles out of cardboard. then i took scrapbook paper & double sided tape and covered them. i printed out nolan's name in a large sized font that i liked, then cut out the letters, traced them on plain cardstock, & stuck them on the triangles w/ the double sided tape. i used my low heat glue gun and attached ribbon on the back to connect them, waited for it to dry, then hung it up! it was so cute!

in true stephen's birthday party fashion, we had tons of balloons blown up & thrown all over the floor. nolan had a blast with them!

this is dathan with our friend's son gideon. this pictures cracks. me. up. ha!

some of our sweet friends laughing at someone ;) kristen w/ her daughter august, and katie

we borrowed my sister in law's little toddler rocking chair for nolan to sit in while he opened his presents. he loves sitting in that chair & was so cute!

sean was probably more excited about the gifts than nolan was. this was a package from my parents that came in the mail. sean's face is priceless, he just cannot wait to see what memaw & poppa sent him nolan

i have never seen a baby pay as close of attention to each and every gift like nolan did. it was such a sweet thing to watch. he helped open them & wanted to look at, touch, & play with each thing (even the clothes). what a cutie! the bottom right picture is the little gift that sean picked out for his brother, he was so proud.

we got nolan one of those cars that can be pushed like a stroller. it was such a hit! he LOVES it and all the kids were fighting over who got to sit in it next!

next we got to eat the adorable cupcakes from the last post. this is nolan trying to touch the fire. silly boy.

sean, of course, had to help blow out the candle

this boy ate his cupcake like a pro. he didn't waste a second, and ate practically the entire thing. he's a beast! ;)

there is just something about this picture that i love. the look on his face just makes my heart melt.

and here is our silly, sweet family! nolan & sean's faces crack me up!
so all in all nolan's 1st birthday party was a success. it was such a joy to celebrate his life & the blessing that he is to all of us! we are blessed with wonderful family & friends!

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