Wednesday, March 10, 2010

nolan's 1st birthday- part 1 (take 2)

after our first try of nolan's birthday party being shot to the ground due to the nasty stomach bug of 2010, we attempted (and pulled off!) his birthday last weekend! it was SO much fun!

here is the invite that i made & handed out to our family & friends. the date is the original day we were supposed to have the party. oh and the big white boxes would be my personal info that i'd rather not share with the world ;)

when i posted about the party that wasn't, i showed you a little sneak peek of nolan's birthday cake... actually his birthday cupcakes. well, here are the finished products!

i made two different kinds of cupcakes- dark chocolate and funfetti. with the funfetti i separated the mix in two bowls and colored one half bright blue & the other half bright green. then i alternated colors as i poured the mix into the cupcake liners, so that they would be "tie dye" style.

i used the "whipped" style of canned icing from the store, in 'fluffy white' flavor. then i used the same bright blue & bright green food coloring as i used in the cake mix and made the icing pretty and bright (i just LOVE the neon food coloring!). i am very professional and scooped the icing into ziplock bags, sealed them, then cut a small part of a corner off. i then just squeezed the icing in spirals onto all the cupcakes.

to make the toppers i picked out 42 of my favorite pictures of nolan from birth-12 months (yes, each picture was different). then i made a 4in x 6in template in photoshop with 6 circles on it that i filled in with the pictures. once all the circles were filled i ordered the 7 templates to be printed out.

erin & i sat and cut out the circle pictures as well as bright green & bright blue cardstock into squares (i didn't measure the squares perfectly because i liked the look of them not being perfectly straight). we used double sided tape to stick the circles on the squares.

i bought a package of sucker/candy sticks from hobby lobby. we used regular scotch tape to attach the stick to the back of each square. once they were all secured i just stuck them in the middle of each cupcake (of course, alternating the colors so that the green squares were on the blue icing & the blue squares were on the green icing). TA-DA! easy, adorable, and thrifty cake toppers!

i thought i had printed out 48 pictures but i only printed out 42. that worked out great because i had 6 extra cupcakes, so i put the #1 candle on one of them & spelled out nolan's name with the other 5... perfection!

i am sad to say i did not come up with this idea myself, but borrowed it from a friend (who borrowed it from a friend lol). feel free to borrow this idea, it was a big hit!

stay tuned for the rest of nolan's party, coming soon :)


Nancy said...

Such a great idea & they look like you bought them somewhere~ you did a great job!

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Awesome idea! I just might have to borrow it!

Jenna said...

This is so cute! You're such a great MOM!

Cyndi said...

WOW! that looks amazing! great job. Hopefully we will be able to get together soon and take some pictures.

Where do you upload your photos through?