Sunday, February 28, 2010

the party that wasn't

so, this past saturday was supposed to be nolan's first birthday party.
we were supposed to have a bunch of friends & family out in the country to celebrate our precious gift
nolan was supposed to open presents and dig into cake
erin even drove over friday night and helped me bake and decorate the cupcakes... all 4 dozen of them

we stayed up until about 1:30am finishing them (no, i will not show the finished product yet lol) then went to bed
at about 3:30am i woke up to find out dathan was puking.
at about 5:30am i woke up to find out sean was puking.
at about 7:30am i woke up to find out nolan was sick too.
at about 9:30am i realized the nasty stomach bug of 2010 had hit the stephens house, and sent out a mass text telling everyone nolan's party was cancelled and will be postponed until next saturday
at about 9:31am erin left to go home to try to escape the nasty stomach bug
at about 4:30pm the bug hit me
sometime during the night the bug hit my in laws (sorry randall & kathy!)
this afternoon the bug hit erin (sorry erin!)
nasty, mean, rotten stomach bug
i'm thankful it seems to only have been about a 12-18 hour bug
i'm also thankful it was nolan's 1st birthday party... for the sole reason that he is too young to understand and be disappointed
i'm very thankful my 3 guys (and myself!) were feeling much better today
we let nolan eat one of the cupcakes, as a mini celebration for his birthday

what else are we going to do with 4 dozen cupcakes?
four dozen wasted cupcakes.

*~*~*~* edit *~*~*~*

our 'troubles' are nothing compared to theirs. please please pray for layla grace and her family


Cyndi said...

You could always drop some cakecakes off at friends' house. Sure other moms would love to help you eat those.
Glad that ya'll over feeling better.

Shillawna said...

Soooo sad! This almost happened to us with Anslie's 2nd birthday, but fortunately the doc gave us the all clear before we had to cancel. If I were close I would definitely relieve you of a few (dozen) cupcakes! :)

Nancy said...

Bless your hearts! And thank Heaven for texting in cases like this!