Monday, March 15, 2010

ok ok last one, i promise :)

i know, i know, there have been a lot of posts about nolan and his first birthday lately... this one is basically for my own memory of how he is at this point in history :) these are some pictures from his 1 year photo shoot i did. you can see some more of them here

at his one year well child check up he weighed in at 24lbs (75th percentile) and measured 29.25in (25th percentile). that means he gained 14lbs since he was born and grew 6.25in. the dr said she was not worried about his weight because 1) he is not walking yet and 2) he has not gone through a picky stage yet. literally that night after his appointment nolan decided to be picky and throw everything we gave him to eat on the floor. i guess he was being obedient... or something ;)

nolan is not quite walking but loves to cruise around the furniture and stand up all by himself. he can also walk using push toys, but gets ahead of himself & falls (usually laughing) on the floor. he is a speed crawler and loves for us to chase him down the hall while he tries to get away. he gets really determined to go fast & starts crawling with his head down, which is so funny, because it only lasts a little bit before he runs into something! ha!

i nursed nolan until about 1 week before his first birthday. when we gave him whole milk for the first time he scrunched up his nose, spit it out, & threw his sippy on the floor. it was funny (don't worry, now he loves it)! his favorite things to eat are: bananas, diced pears, nutri-grain bars, apples, cheese, and chicken. at least his favorite foods are healthy ;)

nolan can say: mama, dada, byebye, hey, wow, & nigh-night. there are several words that we think nolan says like: hello, look, & more. he loves playing with his older brother & going outside. he drives around toy cars and says "vroooom." he just started giving kisses. he usually sleeps from 9:00pm-9:00am. he takes a 1 hour nap in the morning & evening and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon (what can i say, my boys love their sleep!). he can wear some 6/9 month sized clothes still but is almost fully in 12 month. he wears a size 3 diaper & a toddler size 4 shoe. i love watching him learn & grow. we love him so much!!! :)

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