Tuesday, February 2, 2010

yep, we moved!

for those of you who guessed that we moved, you are correct!
nothing exciting or extravagant, but it was just fun to keep everyone guessing ;)

this move is a very temporary one, but the length is unknown at the time. we have moved in with my in-laws (out in the country) and will try to pay off as many bills as possible.
then, we plan on renting a place bigger than our last house, and save up as much money as possible.
the long term goal is to buy or build our dream home with no debt and a good chunk of money down! so we'll see.

our house was not the biggest. we were quickly outgrowing the 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. God had told us that 2010 would be a year of change, we just didn't realize how soon He meant and how BIG the change would be!

really, the situation isn't bad at all. we are so blessed to even have this as an option. my in-laws have two extra bedrooms in their house that we are staying in, and these bedrooms are literally double the size of our rooms in our 'old' house. they have an unfinished basement that we are able to store our stuff in. they even work out of town during the week so we have the house to ourselves. the biggest downfall is that they live 30 minutes out of town in the country, but that i can deal with ;)

it's quiet out here. and so pretty! i'm excited for when it gets warmer, the boys are gonna have a blast running around on all of this land!

speaking of getting warmer, apparently we chose to move on the COLDEST day of winter so far. snow, ice, the works!

we were blessed with several friends from church (james, adam, stu, & anna) who came over and helped us move in the bitter cold. we are so blessed to have amazing people in our lives! maybe whenever we move... again... it won't be so cold!! :)

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