Thursday, February 4, 2010

the view from the country

just a couple pictures to share with you our new view

nolan has been enjoying it. i'm pretty sure he's been praying it will warm up so he can go outside that door and play!

and this... this, my friends, was taken from inside the house. i was sitting in my father-in-law's recliner looking out their HUGE picture window in their living room. and this is what i was looking at. the view is fabulous all year. these trees have a different beauty every season!


hanneyjo said...

I love living in the country! I grew up in it, and we would take hikes in the woods all the time. I bet Sean would love that.

Jenna said...

How gorgeous! The boys (all THREE!) are going to LOOOOVE Spring in that house :)

Catherine Anne said...

LOVE the photos. We live out in the country but close enough to the city. LOVE it