Sunday, January 31, 2010

friends & "family"

this is sarah. she is beautiful, is she not? i could do a whole post on her, but i will save that for a later date. sarah is my "little" sister here in alabama. my "little" sister is 9 years younger than me and 8 inches taller than me. i love it! she has assisted me in a couple of the weddings i've done & we make a great team! at 17 sarah has a fabulous, fun, & young eye for photography (check out her stuff here). she also has a beautiful love for the Lord (check out her depth here). this is us at the last wedding we did. it was freezing that day.

this wedding was something special. you see, growing up in california there was a family that was pretty close to my family. the mom, laura, and my mom ran our church's missionettes program and the dad, bob, worked in royal rangers with my dad. they have two kids, alyssa & garrett. alyssa was also a little sister to me. i just adore her! she is beautiful and full of joy & love. she is just amazing! garrett was always a little cutie! he was so shy growing up & i would always run up to him, give him a big hug, and tell him how cute he was, just to make him blush (and boy did he!). in 2001 this family moved to troy, alabama. little did we know that 5 years later i would move to alabama with my husband and newborn son.

we live about 5 hours from each other and have only met up a couple times. garrett has been in missouri at school so i haven't seen him since 2003! well alyssa went to troy university where she became best friends with anna and megan. anna moved up here last summer to do grad school & be the softball athletic trainer for una. megan is from here. so, when she was planning her wedding, alyssa & anna showed her my pictures and she wanted me to be her photographer. i was so excited since alyssa was going to be in the wedding (and anna was as well), and then i was even more excited to find out laura was the wedding coordinator. their whole family was up here for the wedding and i was so happy!!! it's crazy when my two worlds collide (my 'growing up in california' world & my 'i live in alabama now' world) but i love it!

this is me & laura. i love that our hair looks so messy here, we were running around busy with wedding stuff! :)

this is "little" shy garrett. he's not so little or shy anymore, but he sure is a cutie, isn't he??

here's the funny thing- do you see my other 'little' sister? yep, she is very much taller than me too. how is it that my 'little' sisters make me look little??? i love this picture of me w/ garrett & alyssa. i wish i knew where a picture of us when we were younger was!

and because i am so nice, here is a sneak peek of the wedding!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay, you got to see the Bealers! Great pictures and love your "little" sisters... so cute!

momma Teri

Becca said...

Girl thank you SO much for your comment on my blog - truly what an encouragement - and I needed it!!! I will be praying for your situation because, trust me, I know how sucky it feels!

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful smiles~

Anonymous said...

aww i love you, erica!! :)