Saturday, February 13, 2010

sometimes i create things (1)

i love being creative! i always have things running through my mind that i want to do, but rarely get to do it. i get most creative late at night, and that is when a lot of my best creations are made. here are a couple of my most recent projects:

this was a shirt that i got for my best friend erin for Christmas. i wanted to do something to it so that it wouldn't be just a plain t-shirt with a little pocket. so, i sewed a birdie perched on the pocket

(please excuse the horribly wrinkled shirt)

i thought it turned out so cute!

i had wanted to make nolan a little stuffed animal for awhile, but hadn't had the chance to actually do it yet. when i saw joye make her kids "stuffies" here, it was the final push for me to finally make one for nolan

i was giddy happy with how cute it turned out! i stuffed it with plastic grocery bags because i love to recycle thought it would make a fun crinkle sound when nolan played with it

i have actually made an etsy shop. there is nothing in it, so i will not share with you the exact site yet, but one day i will make enough stuff to open up shop! there's a variety of fun things brewing in my brain!

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Adorable!! Love the little birdie on that shirt.