Tuesday, February 9, 2010

winter wonderland

we woke up to a nice surprise yesterday morning- SNOW!
now, in alabama, any sort of snow that sticks is a big deal. there has been two times that the weatherman has called for snow & they canceled everything the next day just for it to not snow. this time, there was nothing on the news predicting snow (i think the weatherman was tired of being wrong so he just didn't try this time! ha!) so it was a very pleasant surprise to see HUGE snowflakes and lots of fluffy snow- the kind that is perfect to play in!
we bundled up the boys and headed outside to play!!

we started to make a snowman, but sean got bored, so we just left it as a big ball.
they tried to throw snowballs at mommy but knew the wrath would come if they hit my camera with a snowball ;) LOL

dathan and sean slid down the ramp on the deck. it didn't work as well as they were hoping.

so we headed to the slide and sean had SO much fun sliding down into a pile of snow!

what is snow without snow angels?

sean just wanted to RUN. he was having such a great time. this is really the first time he's gotten to play in snow, and it was so fun to watch him enjoy the wonder of it all.

he's such a cutie (i'm not partial or anything)

nolan, on the other hand, seems to be just a little too young to enjoy the snow. we let him crawl around and explore, but he wasn't a fan of that...

so we put him up on the deck to play, but he wasn't a fan of that either...

then we had a brilliant idea- put him in the swing! well, you guessed it... not a fan...

and the wagon? well, we should have just stopped trying @ the swing! ha!

we did find one thing he was a fan of- mommy! :)

i will give nolan this much- he was ready for a nap & cold, but it was pretty funny ;)
of course today the snow is all melted & it's just wet & muddy outside... hooray (do you hear the sarcasm in my voice?). at least we enjoyed it while we could!

and thanks for all the birthday wishes! i had a wonderful birthday and am so blessed!!!!

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