Thursday, February 18, 2010

who loves pf changs???? :)


if you haven't been to pf changs, you need to find the closest one to you and GO! it's SOOO yummy!!

the night before my birthday a group of friends from our church were heading to bridge street (about an hour away) to eat at pf changs and hang out. well, we weren't going to go because we didn't have the extra money to spend but we were SO blessed when a friend of ours made sure our food was covered so we could go. i am so thankful for that! and so thankful we were able to go, we really needed the time to hang out and get away for a bit.

the gals- kristen, me, katie, tasha, & leann (sorry the pics are not the best- i had to use the flash in most of them- yuck!)

there were some boys too, like these two goofs!

the whole group- so fun! of course, we're the only ones w/ our kids there! ha! we're not the only parents in the group, but apparently the only ones without a sitter ;) a local newscaster offered to take our group shot for us. of course i didn't know when i was talking to her (who watches the news? not me! LOL) but was told who she was after she left. too funny!

the food there is so yummy! and i love how they serve it with the purpose of eating it "family style" and sharing everything. word of advice: do not try to be a 'good girl' and order the gluten free moo goo gai pan (bottom left picture), it was the most disappointing dish of the evening! ha! good thing we all shared ;)

they forced me to order a mini dessert even though i was full because it was my birthday. they weren't allowed to sing to me but they did put a candle in it :) this is the red velvet cake w/ cheesecake icing... i think it would have tasted better if i wasn't so full!

we really had a great time! it was a fun night for sure!

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