Wednesday, January 27, 2010

color walk- red

since it's been so cold & rainy lately, we have to enjoy bright & sunny days when we can. this day was not only bright & sunny, but relatively warm (compared to how it had been). so i threw some thick fleece on the boys, dusted off the double stroller, and headed out the door.

we live just down the street from 'the bluff,' so i decided we could walk up there. sean wanted to run, and i wanted to let him ;) i told him that the gutter was his special sidewalk, so he wouldn't be running in the street. he would have ran up the whole hill if i let him, but i told him he could run to the next mailbox then he had to wait for nolan & me. then, when we got there, he could run to the next mailbox. he really had fun!

nolan loved being outside and riding in the stroller. he just watched everything sean did.

we made it to the top!

i decided to take a few pictures of the view, because it is beautiful! this is the tennessee river. on the left side of the river (in this picture) is florence & on the right side (where i'm standing) is sheffield.

several people on facebook freaked out when i posted this picture. do not be alarmed, the edge is much farther away then it looks. plus there's a chain link fence under all of those vines. i just love this picture of sean!

so, i attempted to piece two pictures together to give you a better feel of the view... as you can see, it didn't work too well. but, at least you have an idea ;)

i used my zoom lens to get some pictures of the other side of the river. this is the hospital that nolan was born at.

this is the road to downtown florence. that is where our church is. this road is just coming off of the bridge, and if you keep on that road, it will take you straight to the university of northern alabama (UNA), just a couple minutes from here. (in the very bottom left corner of this picture is the pickwick belle... remember when we rode on that?)

on the way back i decided to do a color walk, kind of like 'i spy.' i let sean pick the color, and he chose red. as we walked we tried to find everything red around us. sean had SO much fun pointing out the red and saying "take a picture of that red, mommy!" here is just a handful of all of the red we found.

nolan was wiped out by the time we got home! i guess it was too much fun for him ;)

sean has already picked out white for our next color walk, so stay tuned (we haven't gone on it yet because the weather hasn't been good at all!)


hanneyjo said...

that's such a fun idea. I'll have to do a color walk with evan next time we go.

Joyeful said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE the color walk photo collage! How fun! And it looks so cool!