Monday, January 25, 2010

how they play

i love watching my boys play. and they are really good at it too. i mean, i know all kids like to play, but i have been blessed with two boys who can entertain themselves and play well together. i really can see their personalities come through in how they play, and it's fun to watch them learn and grow!

this little man spends most of the day crawling around. he follows us around the house and if we open any door/cabinet/drawer he is there in warp speed trying to see what we're doing and what he can get into.

the other day he played with a car for the first time. it was so cute watching him roll it on the ground and figure out how it worked. i cannot believe how big he's getting! tomorrow he'll be 11 months old!!

and this little boy... he's so much fun! even though he is silly and has a lot of energy, he is our critical thinker!

he loves to line things up and organize things. playing with cars is his favorite. he either lines them up in long, straight lines or places them in groups by color or type of car or size. he's done that ever since he was old enough!

as they play i always watch and wonder two things- 1) where has the time gone? and 2) what will they be like as older boys/teenagers/adults?

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