Tuesday, August 4, 2009

pickwick belle

my parents are here visiting and i am SO EXCITED :) we are having a blast and i really enjoy getting to spend time with them, as well as watching them spend quality time with my kids. in fact, today was their 30th wedding anniversary and they spent it playing at the splash pad with sean!

a few weeks before they came my mom found a cute river paddleboat called the pickwick belle online. she got us some tickets and we had such a fun time on the boat this past saturday. dathan's parents joined us as well so we had both sets of our parents there.

my parents boarding the boat w/ sean

here is the pickwick belle. isn't it cute???

the boys had such a good time! nolan spent the first part of the ride sleeping & the second part as happy as can be! man i love his sweet little face! :)

i don't remember the last time i have loved a picture of me & dathan together (he always looks great & i never like how i look... typical girl LOL) but i think this is my new favorite!

there is such beautiful scenery along the tennessee river, and it was fun to see it from the river and not from the road. the first pic in this collage is our favorite park to play at and the last picture is a house that would be so fun to own!!!

along with my favorite couple picture, this is in my tops of my favorite family picture. nolan isn't looking at the camera (he was fascinated by the american flag waving) but it's still a cute shot

this picture is so special! it's papa richard (rick, my dad) with nolan richard and papa randall (dathan's dad) with sean randall

this picture is equally as special, minus the matching names ;) it's memaw (my mom) and mimi (dathan's mom) with the boys

and the big group shot!

sean had so much fun! he ran around and loved enjoying the two levels of the boat. in this second picture he's plugging his ears because the thunder was loud

every girl needs a good momma picture :)

the reason there was thunder was because a storm decided to join us for the last half hour of our trip. it was actually really neat- we literally watched the storm work itself towards us until it hit. we tried to wait it out once the boat was docked but it was not letting up so we decided just go for it. we got soaked but had a blast!


Krista said...

Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! I forgot you are close to the TN river, too--next time I'm out playing at a park near "our" part of the TN river, I'll think of you guys. Pretty cool to think we're both at/on the same river, just hundreds of miles away!

Shillawna said...

The boat is totally cute. And your pictures are beautiful! Have I ever asked you what you are shooting with? And what lens you use?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had fun in spite of the rain. Great family pictures and memories. Love the pic of just the 2 of you. It is a good one. I'm so happy for your parents to get to spend time with all of you and I know they are loving their time with the boys.
Tell them hi.

Love you

Jenna said...

What a neat trip- and I love all the cute pictures! You are such a beautiful family.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout!!! Especially the new header- ADORABLE! (see point 1 for reason)

Oh my goodness when you told me how close we actually live to each other I could NOT believe it! I thought it was a LEAST 8 hours- so all that said, Dave and I are SERIOUSLY considering a trip 'down south!' :) I'll let you know if we can make it work! YAY!

PamperingBeki said...

That scenery is gorgeous!

And you guys are such a cute family.

The Carrolls said...

Your pictures are so great! I have never heard of that boat. Our family will have to check it out one day. The pics of the grandparents are so special.

rentz said...

Dodgers fans, huh? My hubby is a huge Dodgers fan. Not me...him.

Cute pics!