Monday, December 28, 2009

let there be LIGHTS

Christmas lights, that is!
who doesn't love Christmas lights? i mean, i'm sure there's somebody... but i haven't found one.
Christmas lights bring wonder in a child's eyes and make adults feel like kids again. plus, they're so dang pretty. ahhhh! why can't we keep them up all year?
while my parents were here we went to a park downtown that puts up a ton of Christmas lights, and walked around for a bit. i was really excited about some of the pics we got!

when we left the park we drove out to the country to look at this amazing light display on someone's property. it is worth the drive to the middle of nowhere. because this was drive thru and not walk thru, i only got pictures from inside the car ;)

what are your favorite lights? do you like colored or white on your house? colored or white on your tree? none? all?

on our house we have colored lights. i found some big round ones that i just love! since we got a new, prelit tree this year we have white lights. all the previous years on our "charlie brown" tree we used red & green lights. i love it!

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