Saturday, December 26, 2009

who knew the mall could be so fun?

*i know it's after Christmas but i will probably have several more posts about all of our Christmas fun :)

while my family was here we ventured out to the mall one day to see santa. we don't really promote santa in our house. sean hasn't asked if any gifts are from santa and so we have never said they were. it's worked for us so far ;) but it is a fun tradition to go take their picture with santa. what's fun is the same man plays santa in our mall every year (or at least since we moved here in 2006!) so sean is with the same exact santa in all of these pictures. how fun is it to compare them? i think 2007 is my favorite!

we let the boys play on the little "rides" and they had a blast. the fun part is they have a ball without us putting any money in! i like it that way :) nolan looks so grown up here!

sean and papa have such a fun time together!

i just love this picture of them playing together!

hey look, i made it in a picture!

nolan was just fascinated with these huge ornaments! i had a ton of fun taking pictures of us in them, and i think this one is my favorite!

and this next picture is not at the mall, but we headed out to dathan's parents one day and just all hung out, played games, and laughed as dathan prank called our friends. i love how both sets of our parents are friends, get along, and like to spend time together! we're so blessed!

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