Thursday, December 3, 2009

just a little bit on my plate...

if i've been a little vacant from the blogging world lately, i apologize. i'm trying to get ready for my math final, christmas shop, get my house ready for christmas (and my parents coming from cali!), oh yeah, and take care of my family :)

oh, and i've had just a few photo shoots lately

like this adorable family

and them. love them.

they are so sweet!

the beautiful girl standing in the maroon/black is a good friend of mine (well, so is the beautiful one sitting!) and she just had her baby the other day. her best friend was there to capture the whole thing and wrote a beautiful blog & posted some amazing pictures here. Seriously will make you cry :) well, until you see the girl in the purple/grey striped sweater with a goofy look on her face (that would be me!) then you will laugh!

this sweet family drove up over 2 hours to have me take their pics, and i was so blessed from meeting them! you can read her point of view here

this fam? well, i love them too ;)

i LOVE their laughter here

anna and her violin

seriously tasha? she's so beautiful and doesn't even look like she had 3 kids!

and aren't they adorable??

oh yeah and i did a wedding...
... or two :)

oh hey look! the photographer had a family pic taken too!! yippee!!!

so, i hope you will forgive me for not blogging as much as usual ;) i'll be back to the land of the living blogging soon!

and if you want to see more of these photo shoots feel free to check out my photography site


Nancy said...

Simply beautiful. And I love your family photo.
So happy you get to see your family soon!

Bonnie said...

The pictures are so creative Erica..wonderful work!

My daughter and her family are among your subjects here. We can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Bonnie Brown
Oxford, AL.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Erica, these pictures are AWESOME! You have been one busy lady! Those wedding pictures are so CREATIVE--I love them!