Monday, December 14, 2009

you'll never guess who i met!!!!!!!!!!

warning: LOTS of pictures

my family just left today after visiting for 9 days. while they were here, we took a very special trip to nashville.

this is my beautiful mom, who was a trooper through our whole extravaganza, just for me :)

and THIS is who we came to see!!!

none other than the pioneer woman! woohoo! you see those red tickets.. the ones that say group 12? well, they handed them out for your spot in line, and each group had 25 people in it. so, you can do the math as to how far back in line we are (by the end of the night i believe there were 25 groups???)
her cookbook is amazing! i love how she uses step by step photos for people like myself who think that "folding" only has to do with laundry and not with cooking. she has beautiful photos all throughout the cookbook. and she's funny. nothing like being entertained while working on christmas dinner ;)

since we were given group numbers, we came just a little before she was supposed to show up. she spoke just for a minute then got to work with signing and taking pictures

i know this is hard to see, but this is the line of people going all through the bookstore (it's actually 5 pictures pieced together lol). ree is such a trooper to sit there for hours and see every single person!

since we were going to be there awhile, we decided to go eat at panera (my favorite!) while we waited... oh did i mention that my husband, 2 sons, dad, & brother were there too? yeah, we made it a family day trip to nashville! dathan got some book with funny signs in it and the guys entertained themselves by reading the book

my littlest guy entertained himself by eating mac n cheese!

so an hour later we go back down and they are on, oh, say, group 5? yeah, it was gonna be a long night. so i went to the other side of the store and snuck a picture of ree

and this is betsy, ree's sister (she frequents the pioneer woman's blog very often). her friend hyacinth was also there, but i did not get a picture (if you are an avid reader of PW you know who these people are LOL)

so, we waited. sean shared his candy cane with my mom...

i think we looked at every book in this section...

i made myself comfortable on the floor...

and was so bored i took a picture of my boots (aren't they cute??)

sean & i looked through an "i spy" book...

and then...

the moment finally arrived...

at some point sean went with dathan and i got nolan...

and we reached the front of the line!!!

how beautiful does the one and only pioneer woman look after hours of taking pictures and signing cookbooks? she looks fabulous! nolan didn't want to have anything to do with looking at the camera. in fact, after we took the above picture he decided that ree's hair looked tasty ;)

and here it is, the "official autograph" :)

oh yeah, and we got free shirts too! woohoo!!

my family is made up of a bunch of troopers, who love me a lot to wait all night (and then make a 2 hour drive home) so i can meet the pioneer woman!

if you don't read her blog, you should. i owe a lot to her, especially in my photography business. her easy to understand tutorials and beautiful actions she provides for photoshop have been a huge blessing for my work. not to mention the recipes of hers that i have tried are SOOOO yummy and have been big hits! she really is a super woman :)


Nancy said...

How neat!! I love the fact that you got to meet her!
My favorite picture is the Mac-n-cheese ~
You have a sweet family!

Jenna said...

I lOOOOOVE her!!!!!

PamperingBeki said...

Yay!! That looks like so much fun. She rocks. But so do you.