Wednesday, August 26, 2009

silly sean sean

today i was taking pictures of nolan for his 6 month photo shoot. of course, sean had to hop in front of the camera. i got so many pictures that show his personality that i just had to share! and since he just had a birthday a couple weeks ago, why not do an ode to him?

we call him sean sean. actually, everyone calls him sean sean. i'm not sure how exactly it started or why it stuck, but it has. if you ask him his name he says "sean sean randall." the kids at church say "where's sean sean?" i think it's cute!

sean sean is the sweetest when he just wakes up in the morning or after his nap. he comes out of his room and closes the door. he then proceeds to close every other door in the house (bathroom, our room, laundry room) before he comes over and gives me a hug.

there is constant music playing in his head that only he can hear. he uses whatever he can get his hands on as drumsticks, and drums along to the song in his head. he actually has very good rhythm and often beatboxes along with the song.

he says the funniest things! i could probably write a book about it. like the time we went to the walgreens pharmacy drive thru & he said "dinner?" or when we went to sams club and he asked if we were looking for the pink alabama elephant (??HUH??). or when he asks to watch the food network. or when i asked him where memaw & poppa live. the answer was california, but he said "in the gwocery store, the elevator, & the airpwane."

and the time an elderly lady walked in front of our house on her daily walk & he said "what's your name? are you my gwandma?" once he was crying after he went to bed cuz his curtains were moving & it scared him. we prayed with him & then he said "mommy, i am not scared manymore. my curtains are not scared manymore."

as silly, outgoing, & sanguine as he is, sean sean is also quite the critical thinker. He can put together kid puzzles in 5 minutes, memorizes them in about 30, and even does the "upside down show" which is putting the puzzle together picture side down. and when he plays with his matchbox cars he always lines them up in straight lines, usually organized by color or size or style.

he's into superheroes (spiderman, hulk, ironman, wolverine, captain america, transformers). he loves watching god rocks, imagination movers, and of course disney/pixar's cars. he could spend all day getting dirty & not mind, but the second a drop of liquid lands on his shirt he has to take it off. he's sweet & stubborn; curious & cuddly; loud & loving; silly & serious. he's better than what my mind could possibly dream up for my oldest child. love is not a strong enough word.

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PamperingBeki said...

Ohmygoodness, he's CUUUUUTE!! What a doll.