Thursday, July 9, 2009


thank you to everyone who prayed for the family friends of mine i posted about the other day. i know they appreciate all prayers, and need them greatly.

today is the funeral, so i'm asking once again if you could say a little (or big) prayer for them. it's gonna be a tough day on the whole family.

cody is the one on the bottom left. thank you again!

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Jenna said...

Lord I pray that you would be with this family- today and everyday. As they learn to walk through life without their son, brother, and friend I pray that you would comfort them and keep them close to you. Remind them it's okay to cry, to mourn, to think of him but that you also want to heal their hearts. Bring them closer to you, and when they have finished mourning- let them understand they need to continue living their lives in you. May you be completely in control of this family and their day to day life.

Give them insight into the good that can come from this horrible situation. I pray that people from all walks of life will come to a deeper and more fulfilled understanding of you because of this boys life and this familiy's faith.